Transforming Vessels Into Luxury And Comfort Spaces On The High Seas.

In our naval upholstery company, we are dedicated to transforming vessels into luxury and comfort spaces at sea. For us, every detail matters. As expert craftsmen, we combine traditional techniques with the latest design trends, ensuring a personalized imprint on each project.

We have deep knowledge in handling materials such as leather, vinyl, and synthetic fabrics, as well as in the application of hardware and closures. This allows us to create custom design and functionality combinations, guaranteeing finishes of the highest quality.

We are passionate about the challenges presented by each vessel design project. Drawing on our extensive experience, we seek simple and effective solutions, always incorporating the latest trends in fashion and design into each of our works.

We invite you to become part of our select clients and receive all the updates about our latest releases and products. Keeping you updated on the latest trends in materials, design, and services.