Italian design and fashion stand out as unique among their competitors, thanks to their unmistakable elegance, excellence in leather goods, and the artisanal art of leather. Italian creativity and innovation are unparalleled, and the names of Italian design leaders adorn the world’s major shopping streets.

Italian leather has long been synonymous with impeccable quality and lasting elegance, a testament to Italy’s deep-rooted history in the art of leather craftsmanship. The knowledge and secrets of this craft have been passed down from generation to generation, preserving the traditional methods that distinguish Italian leather from all others. The reputation of Italian leather is based not only on its history but also on the dedication to quality and detail of its artisans.

As craftsmen who work leather by hand, we have extensive expertise and experience in designing quality pieces for this industry. Today, we apply our knowledge and experience to our naval upholstery projects, focusing on luxury vessels, yachts, and sailboats.